Man carying a carton of eggs on the steets of Old Havana.
Old Havana street scene.
Two men carrying construction materials in Central Havana.
Classic car on the streets of Old Havana.
Motorcycle riders in front of the Colon Cemetery wall.
Central Havana
Men fixing a bicitaxi in Old Havana.
Vedado neighbourhood, Havana.
Bicitaxi in Old Havana.
Men pushing a small van on Prado Boulevard, Old Havana.
Motorcycle riders in Old Havana.
A family driving in an old red Russian Lada
Workers cleaning the streets in the early morning hours.
Old Havana street scene.
Coco Taxi in Havana Central.
Nuevo Vedado neighbourhood, Havana.
Apartment buildings being restored in Miramar neighborhood, Havana.
Miramar neighbourhood, Havana.
Hen and baby chicks in Miramar, Havana.
Broken police car on the way to Playa del Este, the beach used by Habaneros.